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Trees' hugging in Times of Corona

It's July, half year has passed with social distancing and working from home. But still we need some free days to recharge batteries, to take some fresh air and reunite with family and close friends.

The choice became pretty limited - we don't have the same freedom to travel beyond the horizon and discover new exotic places. The new holiday type is as a colleague said 'going to camping 20 minutes from our place'.

Most of the people choose to stay home, or to go somewhere in the region for a few days. But how important is changing scenery? Well, is demonstrated that for sure is beneficial for our mental health because it reduces stress and boosts happiness levels. Plus, it makes us more active because if we go to a new place we will for sure not stay in the room but explore the area and probably make over 12.000 steps in average everyday. Nope, we will not do it continuously, but 2-3 days we will definitely go around, to see something new and to buy something we don't need.

A day trip will for sure help too, so let's connect to new places, still keeping the social distancing.

I choose for seaside, luckily is not far away from where I live, so a day trip is always possible and of course a natural retreat - to explore something new. Is good for the brain (reducing stress) and for the lungs.(fresh air).

Walking into forests is influencing positively our energetic level, somehow connecting to our immune system and helping us against anxiety. And why not, hugging some trees is also a good antistress exercise.

In ancient times trees' hugging was a common practice, and many healing rituals involved it. The tree was considered a symbol of life and the people believed that they have the power to connect with us on the energetic level.

In Britain, in ancient times people were hugging oak trees because these were considered the most beneficial. Part of rituals involved also dancing around the tree and singing.

Well, nowadays we will for sure not dance around the tree - cause we will get too much attention :) - but a hug will not hurt anybody. It is also a sign of respect we have towards the tree and towards the nature itself.

So, if you have a free day or you want to reconnect, go and find your tree and hug it. Free your mind from thoughts and just enjoy the silence.

You will feel better and more peaceful.

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