Monks in Thailand


The journey of the spirit

In 2018 I went through a life and death situation which changed my perspective on what is important and on what we need in order to be happy. 

I was a successful sales manager but I was unhappy with my life. I felt for years that something is missing and I am an empty shell lost on a strange island.I almost died, but it seems I got a second chance to change my life and to do something meaningful for myself.

Art opened up something long forgotten  - 'Me', not the hands working on a computer, but me as 'heart' and 'spirit'. 

"Well, I said to myself when I started painting, we do not know how much time we have, at least to make it fun". 

Yes we should not forget who we are. We should not forget that spirit goes beyond this visible world and that we need to feed our soul in order to be happy.  

Take time for yourself and for your loved ones, make every day beautiful and 'enjoy the ride'. 

About my art : I work with photography and my own paintings for the mixed media on dibond, with acrylic on canvas and I make textile design.

For collaborations you can always contact me via email or phone.